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Expo on Main

From interactive workshops to hands-on conservation projects, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Sponsored by Energea

CT Audubon Society

Booth On Main | Preservation

Connecticut Audubon Society’s scientists, educators, citizen scientists, and volunteers work to preserve birds and their environments in Connecticut. Our work includes sanctuary management, advocacy, environmental education and activities at our centers, scientific studies, and our annual Connecticut State of the Birds report.

Sponsored by Energea

The Recycle House

6 Spring Street | Reclaimed Materials

Dr. Kim Senay, a dentist and 43-year Chester resident, has renovated the house across from his home using castoffs, lumber from demolition projects and other recycled materials in what he calls the Recycle House. It includes a covered bridge that he built, set on a stone wall that he also built.



Booth On Main | Renewable Energy

Our mission is to empower individuals to invest in low-carbon infrastructure, channeling capital towards a sustainable future. We envision a global community of investors who benefit financially from our products and capitalize on the shift towards decarbonization, decentralization, and digitization. We are committed to transparency, sustainability, and delivering value to our investors. Returns on invested capital is our priority; the environment is our passion.

Seed and Soil

Booth On Main | Horticulture

Celebrate Earth Day with Seed and Soil, where green thumbs and nature enthusiasts alike can discover the joys of planting and nurturing life. At their inviting booth, Seed and Soil will offer an array of plant starters, perfect for those eager to cultivate their gardens or bring a touch of greenery indoors. Additionally, they'll be introducing their flower subscription service, a novel way to receive a monthly delivery of beautiful, blooming flowers, directly to your door.

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Girl Scouts

Booth On Main | Cookies & Conservation

Join the local Girl Scouts at their vibrant booth on Earth Day, a beacon of community spirit and environmental consciousness. Amidst the green festivity, they'll sell their famously irresistible Girl Scout cookies, a sweet way to support their cause. In a heartwarming effort to give back to our planet, the booth will also serve as a collection point for recycling donations, embracing sustainability and encouraging community participation in conservation efforts. All proceeds from this day of eco-friendly exchange will benefit the Big Life Foundation, an organization dedicated to protecting wildlife and wild lands. 

Chester Sustainability Team

Booth On Main | Green Raffle

The Chester Sustainability Team (also known as SuChest) consists of a group of volunteers who abide by Sustainable CT standards to assist Chester in being a thriving, resilient, and forward-looking town. As a Sustainable CT community, we are working together alongside our local, regional and state partners to support and further build Chester as a strong and sustainable community. 


Bramble Collective

Booth On Main | Flowers & Foraged Containers

This Earth Day, Bramble Collective brings a unique and environmentally conscious approach to their booth, selling a beautiful selection of flowers presented in foraged containers. Embodying their commitment to sustainability and nature's beauty, each floral arrangement offers a piece of the earth's bounty, thoughtfully housed in naturally sourced containers. This initiative not only showcases their creativity but also aligns with the spirit of Earth Day, inviting visitors to appreciate the artistry of nature while supporting eco-friendly practices.

Sweet Willow Farms

Booth On Main | Donna Barnes | Beekeeping 

This Earth Day, immerse yourself in the local charm of Connecticut with Donna Barnes's booth, a tribute to the sweet essence of nature. As a passionate local beekeeper, Donna will be offering her finest local honey, a testament to the dedication and care she pours into her beekeeping practices. Her booth promises not just a taste of the freshest honey but also a glimpse into the world of bees, highlighting the critical role they play in our ecosystem. A visit to Donna's booth is a chance to support local agriculture and take home a jar of nature's liquid gold.


Sponsored by Little House Brewing

Fat Stone Farm

Booth On Main | Syrup, Sweets, and Honey 

Celebrate Earth Day at Fat Stone Farm's booth, where Bill and Liz Farrell share the fruits of their labor from Lyme, Connecticut. Since 2004, they've embraced regenerative farming, producing heritage New England products with a modern twist. At their booth, you'll find unique items crafted from ingredients grown directly in their soil, underlining their commitment: "eat food from the dirt, not the lab." Discover their passion for improving the land and community through sustainable practices and enjoy products that are as wholesome as they are delicious

Chester Zero Waste

Booth On Main | Waste Management

Chester Zero Waste is pioneering a sustainable future with a goal of 95% trash recovery by 2024. They've taken significant steps by ensuring food vendors use compostable tableware, setting up sorting stations with multi-bin systems for efficient waste segregation, and eliminating single-use plastic bottles in favor of water dispensers. 

Girls Carrying a Recycling Bin

Chester Library

Library Story Walk | Childrens Tree Giveaway 

The Library Story Walk is an engaging outdoor reading experience offered by the library, where participants can enjoy a story through a series of yard signs displaying pages from a laminated book. The route leads down the hill towards town, encouraging readers to dive into the book as they walk. This year, the featured book is "Charlie & Lola: We are extremely very good recyclers," which aligns perfectly with the theme of environmental consciousness. It's a delightful activity that has successfully drawn many participants in the past, making reading an adventurous and communal event.

Sponsored by Energea

Global Art Exchange

Booth On Main | Tree House Players

The Global Art Exchange, hosted by Treehouse Players, kicks off in Chester, CT, on Earth Day. This unique initiative invites participants to contribute to a living artwork that will travel the world, connecting communities through creativity. Throughout its journey, the piece will evolve, capturing a global tapestry of artistic expression, before returning to Connecticut. This project symbolizes the interconnectedness of our world through the universal language of art.

Long Island Sound Study.png

Long Island Sound Study

Booth On Main | Enviroscape & Polution

The Long Island Sound Study booth will showcase its dedication to restoring and protecting the Long Island Sound. Visitors will learn about the vital conservation efforts, environmental programs, and how they can contribute to safeguarding this precious estuary. It's a fantastic opportunity for community members to engage with and support the mission to ensure a healthier Long Island Sound for future generations.

The Villager

Refreshing Beverages

The Villager booth at Earth Day will be the go-to spot for refreshing beverages, serving up delightful lemonade on sunny days or cozy hot cocoa if the weather turns cool. It's the perfect pit stop for fairgoers looking to quench their thirst with a classic treat, all while enjoying the day's festivities. Whether you're in need of a cool refreshment or a warm pick-me-up, The Villager's booth has got you covered.

Lemon Tree
Henna Tattoo on Textured Background

Sponsored by Energea

Free Henna &
Face Painting

Booth On Main | Henna Designs by Morgan 

This booth invites attendees to adorn themselves with beautiful, temporary body art, skillfully applied by Morgan. Each design is a work of art, reflecting the beauty of nature and the creativity of the individual. It's a unique way to celebrate Earth Day, leaving visitors with a lasting reminder of their connection to the earth and its natural elegance.

Chester Rotary / Conservation Commission

Booth On Main | Community & Environment

At Earth Day, the Chester Rotary booth showcases their commitment to community and environmental stewardship. Engaging visitors with information on their latest projects and initiatives, the booth exemplifies Rotary's dedication to making a positive impact. It's a place for community members to learn how they can contribute to local and global efforts for a better, more sustainable future, embodying the Rotary motto of "Service Above Self."

Herbal Oils

Sponsored by Energea

Garden Goddess

Booth On Main | Garden Goddess 

Garden Goddess creates small batch, essential oil, artisan soaps and personal bath products grounded in the power of plants and earth. Committed to reducing toxic load, my beautiful all natural personal soaps and no waste dish soap reduce dependence on plastic containers


29 Main Street | Small Batch Ice Cream

Celebrate Earth Day with Honeycone's special offer: "Stuff Your Stanley"! In an effort to promote sustainability and reduce waste, we're inviting customers to bring their own clean and empty tumblers, regardless of the brand, and get them filled with four delicious scoops of ice cream for just $10. It's our way of saying thank you for helping us care for the planet. Join us in making Earth Day a little sweeter and a lot greener by enjoying your favorite flavors in your favorite reusable tumbler. Let's scoop up some joy and make a positive impact together!



OTTO | Pizza by the slice

This Earth Day, OTTO will be celebrating with a special offering of pizza by the slice! Embrace the joy of eco-friendly dining at OTTO, where delicious slices await to honor our planet. It's a perfect opportunity to enjoy your favorite pizzas while participating in a global day of environmental awareness. Don't miss out on this tasty way to commemorate Earth Day with us.

Atmosphere Arch One Glass

51 Main St | Glass Blowing Demonstration

Join us this Earth Day at Arch One Glass, where Chester's own master glassblower, Rob Wallace, will showcase his craft. Nestled at 51 Main Street in the picturesque coastal town of Chester, CT, Rob practices a centuries-old art form, bringing the rich tradition of glassblowing to our local community. Come experience the magic of molten glass transforming into exquisite pieces, each telling a story of heritage and skill. This Earth Day, discover the hidden gem of Chester and celebrate sustainable artistry at Arch One Glass.

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